Activewear Collection

When a woman decides to start taking care of herself again, different things can happen, she can change the cut or color of hair , sign up for a course at the gym or subvert the entire wardrobe.

The women of Malì have concentrated on helping you in the last two actions, because one is connected to the other, to do sport you need to choose the right outfit, the best one, the one that makes us shine.

From this need for constant female renewal, the new collection of luxury sportswear is born, signed by Malì.

Completely made in Italy, tailored and limited edition suits, which will make you feel fit and beautiful as soon as they are worn.

We start to produce the ordered pieces as soon the order arrives. Delivery times: 4-10 days. For more information write us at 0039 348.3033092

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    120,00 IVA inclusa


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